Phocket: How ‘Phocket’ Instant Loan App Builds a Quality Loan Portfolio

As we witness a fintech revolution in India, credit is becoming more accessible and affordable. Government initiatives and digitization efforts have resulted in an ecosystem that ensures a transparent lending process and financial inclusion.

Technology is at the forefront of this revolution. While advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain have found a perfect use case in digital loans, the Phocket instant loan app promises a differentiated offer for employees. He has developed his own algorithm just like other fintech players for credit decisions and we call it “PH Score”.

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Pocket has identified two initiatives that it believes hold promise in building a quality loan portfolio. First, he launched the Pocket Ambassador Program – a revenue-sharing initiative aimed at identifying influencers and onboarding them to get quality people to apply for loans. Second, the installation of the Pocket Café in leading office complexes. It is a stand-alone initiative where you can literally get a chai pe loan.

While the success of these initiatives will be assessed over time, Phocket is now focused on building a quality loan portfolio through its differentiated approach of combining AI with human insight.

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