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What offer they can give?

What offer they can give?

I can not complain. This is my first bank and stays with them for now. Apart from the fact that the consolidation offer with a minimum of formalities, I was really drawn out of the spiral of indebtedness, despite the fact that my BiK was badly damaged (the amount of liabilities, but repaid on time). The costs are ok, also I can not complain and everything is taken care of on the phone – the amount of PLN 42,000, settled on 3 telephones in 3 hours, including the time of sending other obligations and the time of the decision. If you have any obligations in T Mobile and you pay them regularly, you can count on a nice offer in a simplified form without any documents.

Steer clear of a wide gap – PLN 4,000: 21 mc-y x PLN 229.4 = PLN 4,818.03 – the answer to the question about the APR is 4.99% as part of a special promotion for regular customers (they called the offer themselves). I asked twice and twice lied to me. As it turned out, 4.99% is the interest rate and the actual APY is 22.33%. The rest is a loan preparation fee. Even if I paid off the whole month, the fee is not refunded. The whole is recorded – I will put it on youtube, I will add a link to talk with this lying super expensive bank.

the application is all ok, only the final decision is to be made, and nobody knows anything from the week. Embarrassment. But at the time, a bell with a credit offer can check my abilities and if I want to, and if I laugh and tell them that they have this application hanging, nobody knows anything…


The process of granting the loan is bizarre

The process of granting the loan is bizarre

Well, just a drama. Zero competences of consultants. The process of granting the loan is bizarre. I had to specifically register the phone for business data, because the bank must contact my company to confirm the data I provided. The whole problem is that it is a one-man activity, so the company = me. No contact, no information about the process.

The first loan was granted to me after 3 days, for the moment I was waiting for granting a loan of 900 PLN for 4 weeks and 8 contacts with the t mobile phone still I have no answer whether I got a loan or not. The situation is so strange that I signed the contract by phone and I just had to wait for the analyst to contact me. I advise against all companies such as banking services because there is no competent person there who can give me information after 8 telephones when the analyst finally kindly calls what is a peculiar situation. I DECIDE STRONGLY !!

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