Get out of debt as a climber

In these years as a financial planner, I have been receiving a lot of messages from users asking how to get out of debt. Whenever I reflect on this, the answer comes in a simple but very enlightening way: the secret lies in certain actions that will make it easier for you to handle your

Bank Debts: Learn how to get out of this!

The term “snowball” portrays the most perfect image of what happens when we let our finances go uncontrolled. Lack of knowledge associated with the urgent needs of everyday life can become a major problem for your pocket. Especially when we realize that we owe the bank! Faced with this type of scenario the word of

Pay off Debts with a Loan

Paying off debts with a loan is a good idea in itself. You place all your outstanding items under one credit, which makes the whole thing a lot clearer. You can then focus on just the one loan that is then open. You no longer have to pay off multiple batches every month, but you

Mortgage loans, an alternative to get a home

Mortgages are a direct tool to get them to access the thousands of offers that exist in the real estate market and today an opportunity seems to buy the land a home. Current market conditions allow a family through financing to access credit, and the developers and institutions have a large sale of housing available

Exchange your debt for a cheaper one

When you are in the red, your highest priority should be to pay off that debt. Often, in order to avoid high interest rates and avoid further spending and budget cuts, those with outstanding accounts resort to debt swaps. Swapping a debt means making a payment of the amount of debt that presents high interest

Institutions granting loans and credits

Supervision over the Banks is exercised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. The bank will not start operations without the permission of the PFSA. For this to happen, the bank must meet a number of conditions regarding the ownership structure, equity, prudential norms and many more. Banks can operate in the form of: a) a